plusOne® Personal Massager

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The plusOne vibrating personal massager is perfectly curved to reach just the right spot, with a vibrating head that provides the perfect amount of pressure. Compact yet powerful, it packs a delightful punch. With 10 vibration settings, the super soft body safe silicone will flutter over your body bringing pleasurable sensations just where you want them. Fully waterproof for play in the bath or shower. The plusOne personal massagers rechargeable lithium ion battery will power your pleasure for up to 4 hours of fun.

key benefits

high quality body safe silicone

10 different vibration settings

wide head for maximum surface stimulation

super soft, smooth and extremely flexible

fully waterproof for enjoyment in the bath or shower

ultra-hygienic & easy to clean

rechargeable lithium ion battery for more power and up to 4 hours of fun

quick charging via USB (cable included)

dimensions & details

product size: 5.20 x 1.40″

this product is manufactured using body-safe material that is skin-friendly, harmless to the human body, and free from phthalates, BPA and latex.

care & storage

cleaning: be sure to clean thoroughly before and after each use. Allow 120 minutes for a full charge.

storage: store separately from other sex toys; sex toys of different material can damage each other if left in contact

charging: firmly insert pin to charging port. While charging the button will flash, the light will turn solid when fully charged.

plusOne® Personal Massager
plusOne® Personal Massager
plusOne® Personal Massager
plusOne® Personal Massager
plusOne® Personal Massager
plusOne® Personal Massager

  • 100% Waterproof

    for enjoyment in the bath or shower

  • 10 vibration settings

    to experience various levels of sexual pleasure

  • lithium ion rechargeable

    for more power and up to 3 hours of fun

free from bpa
free from latex
skin friendly
free from phthalates

How to vibe with me!

  • Build It Up

    Try starting off by running the personal massager along your breasts and focusing on your nipples to increase your arousal.

  • Get In Touch

    Perfect for clitoral stimulation, you can use your personal massager’s soft round head to hit all the right spots.

  • Unwind & Relax

    Enjoy your fully waterproof personal massager in the bath or shower for the ultimate way to relax.